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What Is Bio Fogging? | Bio Fogging Explained

Since long before the COVID pandemic, the world has been at war with germs and viruses. Just within the last 15 years, people have faced deadly threats from swine flu in 2009, Ebola in 2014-2016, Hepatitis A in 2018, in addition to the yearly influen...

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A Looming Threat: Candida Auris

  Over the past year, our headlines have been dominated by COVID-19 and its effects on a global scale. But what if I told you that there is an even deadlier looming threat in healthcare facilities? Fungi can be found almost anywhere, whether ...

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4 Things to Consider About Your Disinfectant Spray

(other than whether it kills COVID) While the focus remains on keeping our homes and businesses COVID-free, there are other important considerations when using chemical disinfectants. Many disinfectants include harsh and dangerous chemicals such as ...

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