Comprehensive Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging

The CURIS Decontamination System is the first hydrogen peroxide-based portable fogging disinfection device capable of disinfecting an enclosed area AND its contents via Pulse™ technology

CURIS’ portable disinfection devices have revolutionized decontamination practices and cleaning protocols, changing expectations of germ safety from “attempts to just clean better” to a measurable high-level disinfection of 99.9999% of dangerous germs.* 

Innovative Pulse™ technology delivers an EPA-registered disinfectant to an area fully engulfing it with Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™) fog, a powerful combination of aerosol and vapor hydrogen peroxide (VHP). This creates a Pulse™ zone, maintaining an optimal dwell to provide high level disinfection in every nook, cranny, and crevice.

Sporicidal Disinfection for Infection Prevention and Control

kill of C. diff in a tri-part soil load

List K & List N

(EPA Reg. No. 93324-1; approved for use against SARS-CoV-2)

Advancing Biosecurity

Infection prevention and control is essential, not just for healthcare, but across all industries where pathogens cause harm. CURIS Decontamination System’s hybrid hydrogen peroxide™ system was specifically designed for high-level disinfection and portability in a multitude of settings, enabling users to disinfect a space without entering it and shielding personnel from contact with chemicals or harmful pathogens.

Life Sciences: Biotech, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, & Research

Sterilization of laboratory environments is essential to maintaining the health of laboratories and the integrity of the research. HHP™ fog— a powerful combination of aerosol + gaseous (vaporized) hydrogen peroxide, is proven to disinfect laboratories, BSCs, and isolators and gnotobiotic chambers with ease. Save time and money with CURIS high-level disinfection. Learn More


Hospital acquired conditions, like MRSA, C. diff, VRE, CRE, Pseudomonas, Coronavirus, and Candida, remain concerns for healthcare facilities everywhere. CURIS high-level disinfection devices enable users to disinfect a space without entering it. Learn More

First Responders

CURIS is trusted by EMS, Fire, Police, Emergency Prep, and Hospitals across the U.S. to meet their high-level disinfection needs. Learn More


Protecting our troops starts by protecting their health with CURIS’ portable fogging disinfection devices for rapid deployment. CURIS System provides the tools and training essential for successful deployment of infection prevention and control. Learn More

Biodecontamination Services

Because outbreaks are rarely confined to one space, biodecontamination service companies need tools like CURIS that are versatile enough to effectively treat a variety of pathogens in a variety of settings. CURIS System offers the tools and training necessary for expert infection prevention and control for biodecontamination. Learn More

Public Sector: Transportation & Education

Public Sector markets such as Transit and Education face a common challenge: high-touch, high traffic areas. CURIS' fog and spray disinfection from one device is easy to use, effective, and leaves no harmful residues. Learn More

Why facilities trust CURIS®

Some fogging machines can’t claim efficacy. CURIS® disinfecting systems pair validation with each treatment, so you know it works.

“You made my pandemic!”

Maryland Transit Company

“We highly recommend this product and Pathogend of Georgia and the CURIS fogger to any and all companies and industries concerned about the Coronavirus and whom wish to decontaminate their workspaces.”

Dougherty County EMS, GA

“I am happy to recommend the CURIS Fogging System and CURoxide as effective solutions for getting rid of odors and germs, and as a great addition to marketing the health of our fleet.”

Audubon Area Community Service

“The CURIS system serves the needs of the department 3 fold: ... reduces additional personnel hours...versatile...and lastly, portable enough to be transported by a single individual to where it is needed.”

Westworth Village Police

“We very much rely on our CURIS System for our disinfection needs.”

P. Murchland, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

“ effective decontamination system for our necropsy and laboratories.”

Animal Life Sciences, KSU

“... we use CURIS for our department.”

Florida Department of Health

“This is the best move we made as a company for our need to decontaminate our mobile pharmacies and laboratories.”

Biotech Manufacturer, Florida

“...finally...We have logged 100% kill rate each time using independent laboratories to analyze our samples.”

M. Miller, Sterilization Services Company in Massachusetts

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