Introducing the CURIS 7000ei: Advanced technology for decontamination of enclosed systems

Take control of your contamination control.

Designed with OEM in mind, the 7000ei will integrate into product lines as well as easily retrofit into existing equipment.

The CURIS 7000ei provides closed-loop biodecontamination at the push of a button. This seamlessly integrated system automatically injects and extracts vapor, providing a reliable repeatable decontamination process reducing the risk of human error: These features make the CURIS 7000ei your partner in faster, safer*, easier biodecontamination.

Ideal for:

  • Isolators
  • Fill Finish Manufacturing
  • Enclosures/Chambers
  • Passthroughs (Material Transfer)
  • More

Safer and More Efficacious

CURIS' 7% hybrid hydrogen peroxide technology enables the 7000ei to provide consistent 6-log repeatable results, validated with biological indicators. In addition to efficacy, the 7% concentration offers reduced downtime and faster turnover compared to legacy systems.  CURIS' patented low-concentration hybrid hydrogen peroxide delivery system is safer* on materials, easier to ship, and safer* for staff; ensuring easy adoption and a win for risk management.

* than 35-59% H2O2

Why use a high-concentration, high-consequence hydrogen peroxide when you can achieve the same validated kill with CURIS' unique 7% Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ technology?

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Advancing Contamination Control

One-Touch Automation

Operate from your existing PLC or use a CURIS-provided control system.

Fast & Effective

Capable of 6-log repeatable sporicidal** results in as little as 25 minutes*: Proven efficacy on viruses and bacteria.
*Geobacillus stearothermophilus **See CURIS White Papers

Smart & Secure

Cycle data capture and reports available with compliance package for GMP/cGMP facilities: 21CRF11 Compliant, meets Annex 1 requirements.

Closed Loop

Mitigating risk and outside contamination, maintain the integrity and sterility of your equipment.

The CURIS app allows for remote operation and in-depth data management. Automated systems self-calculate treatment areas, sensors help regulate operation, and users can wirelessly sync up to 20 devices to produce valuable reports of each treatment performed. LEARN MORE

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