Our CURIS Sales Representatives

With the advent of COVID-19, awareness of the need for high-level disinfection has grown and been legitimized in every industry. However, this growth has led those with less experience in the world of disinfection to sometimes choose inadequate products. CURIS is proud to offer powerful, yet easy-to-use, products and partner with sales experts who have a heart for helping customers become their own disinfection heroes.

Markets for Disinfection Sales

CURIS System’s versatile disinfection is a game-changer to disinfection in any industry. Its portable, yet effective, device can be used in multiple markets, including

  • healthcare/EMS
  • life sciences
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • education
  • military
  • transportation
  • biodecontamination
  • and many more.

Resources for CURIS Sales Representatives

We believe our representatives are essential partners in getting the word out about CURIS disinfection, so we provide on-going education, marketing, and trade show support to help you reach your customers with the best and latest in disinfection technology.

Join Our Team

If you are interested in bringing hospital-grade disinfection to your market, we would love to speak with you.

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