Customized Disinfection

As part of our mission to provide high-level disinfection technology for any space, CURIS works closely with individual facilities to design solutions to meet their specific needs; such as dedicated chamber disinfection, integrated room systems, and permanently mounted vehicle systems.

customized disinfection solutionsExpert R&D for Innovative Disinfection

Our R&D team is comprised of innovators with a wide range of background, experience, and education. They include engineers, fluid dynamics experts, mechanical designers, project managers, biologists, and more. This knowledge base helps address our customer's specific needs.

Transport Vehicles

People have come to us because they just can’t find something to fit their needs on the market. Sometimes, customers need something different and unique based on issues they experience or the spaces they need to treat.  Sometimes it’s a modification or a tailor-made fit for their needs.  CURIS' innovative R&D team has added multiple accessories to help the transportation industry receive a complete and fast disinfection integrated onto the vehicle itself. This onboard system makes it possible to take hospital-grade disinfection mobile.

Room Integration

The COVID pandemic reminds us all that it is vital to keep thinking ahead and creating more efficient and effective ways to keep the public, our employees, our customers, and our patients safe… because we know this will not be the last pathogenic threat we face. Integrating disinfectant fogging systems into buildings is the wave of the future. CURIS has worked with several institutions to provide whole-room disinfection at the touch of a button.

Examples of Custom CURIS Disinfection 

To date, here are a few of the challenges customers faced that inspired the creation of some incredible disinfection solutions:

  • Spire CURIS Chamber
  • EMS Onboard Disinfection
  • Building Integration
  • Tripod Integration
  • Touchscreen Controls

CURIS Customized Disinfection IS Problem Solving

Touchscreen Integration | Push Button Automation | Hard Mounted Options

Our engineers, scientists, and developers design disinfection solutions for a wide variety of environments, validating efficacy so you know your disinfection is successful.

Customized Disinfection for Your Facility


Tell us your challenges


Expert assessment of your specific space, environment, and variables for consideration


Cutting-edge solutions to your disinfection challenges


Protocols and/or installation to ensure successful disinfection


Testing to ensure optimal efficacy for your customized system


Customer support for ongoing success

The World’s First Smart Fogger

The CURIS app allows for remote operation and in-depth data management. Automated systems self-calculate treatment areas, sensors help regulate operation, and users can wirelessly sync up to 20 devices to produce valuable reports of each treatment performed. LEARN MORE

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