Disinfection for Transportation and Education Industries

CURIS makes hospital-grade disinfection possible for key community partners like transportation and education. Our high-level disinfection options are empowering communities to respond to dangerous infectious diseases and help keep people safe. 

The Challenge: Disinfecting High Traffic, High Touch Areas

The Solution: CURIS DUO Disinfection

Versatile Portable Disinfection Device 

CURIS DUO fog and spray disinfectionHigh-level disinfection is more important than ever before. The CURIS DUO can easily move from one space or vehicle to the next, providing portable disinfection quickly. Versatility enables operators to not just fog their space but also switch from fog to a spray accessory to provide targeted spray disinfection from the same device. Reach every nook and crevice using our HHP™ system to kill hard-to-kill germs* everywhere they travel. 

A Safer & Effective Solution With No Harmful Residues 

Enjoy quick, effective disinfection thanks to our proprietary HHP™ 7% hydrogen peroxide system. CURIS' portable disinfection devices offer high-level disinfection that reaches every surface air touches, without leaving sticky, damaging, residues. (The hydrogen peroxide decomposes to water and oxygen.) Our EPA-registered solution kills 99.9999% of C. diff, one of the hardest to kill spores, and is on the EPA List N, approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).




Fog and Spray Disinfection for Transportation

fog a busBuses, rail cars, and vessels all face the same decontamination challenge: high traffic areas. Disinfection in these spaces needs to be quick, thorough, and effective without causing damage to sensitive equipment. It needs to work extremely well on virtually every type of germ possible to protect against COVID-19 and the next, harder to kill germ.

Proven Disinfection for Transit 

Mass transit agencies have implemented CURIS on a large scale to successfully treat over 700 buses a day, while smaller, private coach companies disinfect with CURIS and leverage their efforts to provide peace of mind and attract ridership.

Advertise Your Efforts

Let your ridership know you care with window decals telling them how you've have gone the extra mile to help make your buses and rail cars healthier and safer.

Certify Your Maintenance Crews

Many states now require certification for use of any disinfection devices. CURIS makes this simple via online, on-demand training. Ensure your staff are certified and easily onboard new employees for safe, consistent, repeatable disinfection treatments.

Fog and Spray Disinfection for Education

fog a classroomWith close contact and high touchpoint surfaces like desks or athletic equipment, disinfection using traditional methods can be hard to achieve or can even contribute to the spread of illness. Your disinfection tools need to work on every type of germ possible to protect against COVID-19 and the next harder-to-kill germ, like Norovirus, Flu, or MRSA. 

School systems across the nation have implemented CURIS as part of their proactive, outbreak control and reactive protocols. Easily treat athletic facilities, classrooms, school buses, auditoriums, and cafeterias with one versatile device. 

Let Your Parents and Students Know You Care

Advertise your efforts with window decals showing the health and safety of your students are a top priority.

Certification for Janitorial and EVS Staff

At CURIS, we believe education and training (in addition to having the proper disinfection tools) are key to helping prevent the spread of germs. That is why CURIS has always offered training for staff who will be using our system. CURIS makes training and certification simple via online, on-demand training. This format also makes it easy to onboard new employees for safe and consistent disinfection.




*C. diff in a 3-part soil load