Transportation And Vehicle Disinfection & Odor Control

The Challenge: Disinfecting High Traffic Areas

The Solution: CURIS 3–The Multitasker 

Buses, rail cars, and vessels all face the same decontamination challenge:  high traffic areas. Disinfection in these spaces need to be quick, thorough and effective without causing damage to equipment.  It needs to work extremely well on virtually every type of germ possible to protect against COVID 19 and the next harder to kill germ.

Cross-Contamination and Transmission

Multiple studies show everything from measles to tuberculosis to MRSA and COVID-19 hitch rides on transportation. Since you never know what pathogen may be lurking in your vehicles, the product applied needs to be wide ranging, fast and versatile.

The latest studies on COVID 19 have found that contact surfaces and aerosols are primary methods of contamination.  Now, more than ever, multiple modes of disinfection are necessary for these high traffic areas. 

Versatile Portable Disinfection Devices

As the need for high level disinfection has grown, so has the need to innovate and provide versatile solutions for those transit operators.  CURIS has developed three different disinfection applications for multiple high traffic areas.  Fog, Spray, and Port Into a space to provide high-level disinfection for virtually any space.

The compact 36-pound CURIS® HHP™ fogger can easily move from bus to bus, providing portable disinfection quickly.  Versatility enables rail transit operators to not just fog a rail car but also provide targeted spray disinfection from the same device.  The ability to reach every nook and crevice with Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ to kill hard to kill germs* everywhere they travel at the push of a button is the next generation in transit services.  CURIS® provides Bus and Rail operators disinfection at the push of a button by offering fixed and hard mounted disinfection for permanent solutions.  Whether engulfing a space with disinfecting fog at the touch of a button or targeting high touch point surfaces from high efficiency spray applications, CURIS® has you covered.  

Portable  |  Targeted  |  Mounted Onboard

Easy and effective hybrid hydrogen peroxide™ disinfection to fit your needs.

Public and private transportation companies across the nation have relied on CURIS® System to help protect the health of their drivers and passengers for many years, and CURIS® has partnered with these providers to understand transit's unique needs. As a result, CURIS® System's design is portable and versatile, ideal for the variety of spaces, routes, and schedules transportation providers encounter. Only CURIS® options offer a unique combination of accessories enabling facilities to treat their vehicles, stations, and offices with one device.

A Safer & Effective Solution With No Harmful Residues

Enjoy quick, effective disinfection thanks to our proprietary 7% Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™) system, a combination of aerosolized and vapor hydrogen peroxide (VHP). CURIS' portable disinfection devices offer high-level disinfection that reaches every accessible surface air touches, without leaving sticky, damaging, visible residues (the hydrogen peroxide decomposes to water and oxygen). Our EPA registered solution kills 99.9999% of C. diff, one of the hardest to kill spores, and is on the EPA List N, approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Helping Transit through Disinfection Education and Certification

Webinars and Presentations

Since its inception, CURIS® has had a heart for the transportation industry. Recognizing the essential public service provided by transit companies and the inherent infection control and prevention challenges it faces, CURIS® has provided training on pathogen transmission, infection prevention, and environmental disinfection protocols through workshops for numerous organizations, including APTA, BUSCON, CTAA,  MetroMagazine, and NBAA.  Empowering transportation with valuable knowledge to understand the world of environmental decontamination.  

Certified Training

Many states now require certification for use of any disinfection devices. CURIS makes this simple via online, on-demand training. Ensure your staff are certified and easily onboard new employees for safe, consistent, repeatable disinfection treatments.