A Portable System For Multiple Rooms

The CURIS 3 Dual Applicator doubles your capabilities by reaching two spaces at once. Easily switch between treating a single environment with the CURIS 3 and reaching two spaces at once with our plug-and-play Dual Applicator.

Port In to Avoid Cross-Contamination

The Dual Applicator’s remote operation helps the job move faster to help control contamination by allowing users to port into both spaces and treat from the outside.

Save Time and Money

Finish in half the time. Quicker turnaround = more staff and resources available when you need them. 

Top Features of Dual Applicator


CURIS 3 weighs only 36 lbs.; each applicator with tripod is less than 2 lbs.

Extensive Reach

30 ft. total length allows easy reach between rooms or vehicles for double the treatments in the same amount of time

Port In Ability

Nozzles can port into environments so users don’t have to enter the space, even where tripods may not fit

Optional Tripod Mounts

Control placement of extension nozzles with tripods where you desire

Surface Friendly

NO sticky harmful residues

Easy to Use

Same CURIS App-enabled plug and play technology, with added versatility

The World’s First Smart Fogger

The CURIS app allows for remote operation and in-depth data management. Automated systems self-calculate treatment areas, sensors help regulate operation, and users can wirelessly sync up to 20 devices to produce valuable reports of each treatment performed. LEARN MORE

Curis Core CURIS app