Accessories to add versatility to your decontamination efforts


Port-In to Avoid Cross-Contamination with the CURIS Dual Applicator

A portable system for multiple rooms, the CURIS 3 Dual Applicator doubles your capabilities by reaching two spaces at once. Easily switch between treating a single environment with the CURIS 3 and reaching two spaces at once with our plug-and-play Dual Applicator. Move from space to space without opening a door when you incorporate extra extension arms. Never lose the ability to treat a space from the original main nozzle as you switch back and forth for optimum usability.

The Dual Applicator’s remote operation helps the job move faster to help control contamination by allowing users to port into both spaces and treat from the outside: Treat large spaces from outside a room and reach up to 21 feet. This innovative accessory has two extended nozzles with one connection to the CURIS 3 for fast, easy use.

Targeted Treatments at Your Fingertips with the CURIS Hand Sprayer

Biodecontamination for facilities is a top priority and getting the most out of your decontamination tools is a continuous challenge:
Quick and easy targeted treatments are at your fingertips with the Hand Sprayer. Powered by the CURIS 3, the Hand Sprayer with
portable disinfection device targets CURIS' germ-killing power directly to high-touch surfaces as a spray.

Any place people congregate or frequently pass through can become super-spreader locations; hot spots for pathogen transmission. Facilities need a well-developed infection prevention and control plan with the right tools for disinfection. Hospitals, the National Guard, Emergency Preparedness, and EMS facilities have trusted CURIS 3 + Hand Sprayers to disinfect public spaces and help protect communities across the country.

Better than electrostatic sprayers, the CURIS Hand Sprayer fits comfortably in your hand and offers consistent coverage across large, open spaces. With its hand-held capabilities and portability, users can treat surfaces in high-traffic spaces, such as stadiums, hallways, auditoriums, call centers, bathrooms, vehicles, and even outdoors. 


These accessories are available for purchase as an add-on to the CURIS 3.

Save Time and Money

Finish in half the time.

Quicker turnaround = more staff and resources available when you need them. 

Top Features of CURIS 3 Accessories


Dual Applicator
CURIS 3 weighs only 36 lbs.; each applicator with tripod is less than 2 lbs.

Extensive Reach

Dual Applicator
30 ft. total length allows easy reach between rooms or vehicles for double the treatments in the same amount of time.

Accountability Tracking

A report with each use of the system. Provides real-time data for compliance reporting and enhanced quality control.

No Boomerang Effect

Hand Sprayer
No static cling to the applicator while spraying: On/off trigger for optimal control.

Surface Friendly

No sticky harmful residues.
See Material Compatibility White Paper/Study.

Easy to Use

Same CURIS App-enabled plug and play technology, with added versatility for enhanced adoption.

The World’s First Smart Fogger

The CURIS app allows for remote operation and in-depth data management. Automated systems self-calculate treatment areas, sensors help regulate operation, and users can wirelessly sync up to 20 devices to produce valuable reports of each treatment performed. LEARN MORE

Curis Core CURIS app