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October 3, 2019

CURIS SYSTEM Obtains Addition to Its EPA Registration–C. Diff in a Tri-Part Soil Load

ORLANDO, Fla., October 3, 2019 — CURIS System (CURIS®), global manufacturer of disinfection and decontamination products announced the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved CURIS’ disinfectant CURoxide™ for use against C. diff in a Tri-part soil load ( CURIS’ patented Pulse™ hydrogen peroxide system, combined with its EPA-registered CURoxide solution, provides efficacious decontamination across a multitude of applications.

Kills 99.9999% of C. diff spores in a tri-part soil load!

Frances M. Grinstead, CURIS’ Chief Executive Officer, stated: “This latest amendment to our EPA registration further solidifies our efficacy to achieve a six-log reduction of C. diff in a tri-part soil load. By meeting the EPA’s new and most stringent C. diff disinfection requirements, CURIS demonstrates the ability to kill 99.9999% of C. diff spores in a tri-part soil load and sets itself apart from its competitors. I have always stressed the importance of approval for C. diff as an essential EPA claim for many different markets.  As the world of pathogens changes, we see the need for more comprehensive methods of disinfection in multiple markets, not just healthcare but many other spaces, and we are answering the call.  Achieving this EPA kill claim makes it possible to take hospital-grade disinfection mobile and passing the test in a tri-part soil load makes our system the leader in taking on this challenge.

Another game changer is to see the language approved to validate the cycle using biological indicators. Now customers can stop relying solely on chemical indicators and use a process that is fact based and science driven. After all, what are we doing if not standing behind our product?

Awareness of CURIS System has increased dramatically as we partner with reputable corporate partners who have tested and experienced the success of CURIS in their unique environments. By meeting their challenges, we repeatedly demonstrate the effectiveness of Pulse™ hydrogen peroxide treatments for whole-space and equipment disinfection.  From Baker Company to the National Institute of Health, these studies have solidified our stellar reputation and proven we are successful in multiple scenarios. CURIS System is the new name in trusted disinfection.  Stay tuned as we unveil our latest studies.”

CURIS System’s patented Pulse™ technology produces cutting edge efficacy on the hardest to eliminate microorganisms. By automatically cycling on and off, CURIS ensures treated spaces maintain the necessary environment to achieve the highest level of efficacy. Each powerful device brings portable hospital-grade disinfection where you need it, and its patented multi-device operation enables you to scale your treatments from small chambers to large facilities with ease.


September 17, 2018

Voted BEST IN CLASS for Top Innovations of the Year: 2018!

Voted BEST IN CLASS for Top Innovations of the Year: 2018!