Implement safer comprehensive contamination control for your facility with gaseous hydrogen peroxide systems

For many life sciences facilities, decontamination generates fears over personnel safety, excessive downtime, and complicated implementation. 

Life-saving research deserves better solutions! 


As the life sciences industry continues to advance valuable research and bring life-saving products to market, sterilization of its environments is key to protecting against cross contamination. 

CURIS has your solutions. Portable and versatile HHP™ decontamination systems can be used in multiple biotech, pharmaceutical, and research environments. Whether treating a large space or decontaminating a closed system environment, CURIS’ patented Pulse™ technology provides powerful tools with safer concentrations of hydrogen peroxide to meet and exceed regulatory and compliance requirements.* 

Decontamination Solutions for 

Laboratory | Bio-Pharmaceutical | Research 


Maintaining Sterile Environments for Biotechnology 

HHP Decontamination of a GloveboxInnovative drug development relies on a sterile environment, and contamination in any form can have a dramatic impact on your research and even the supply of sensitive products. CURIS can help you maintain a sterile environment with intuitive, patented Pulse™ technology. CURIS provides validated and compliant decontamination to deliver comprehensive contamination control, helping you stay flexible for large or small batch production. As an OEM, CURIS delivers stand-alone decontamination fogging equipment for treating any space, large or small, from clean manufacturing facilities to individual pieces of equipment, or even custom integration for your facility. CURIS offers a variety of high-level disinfection and decontamination products to meet and exceed your needs. 

Bio-Decontamination for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Whether you are producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or finished pharmaceuticals, CURIS can help you ensure aseptic processing on clean manufacturing equipment and help meet cGMP requirements. Our systems with low concentration 7% hydrogen peroxide provide validated efficacy, keeping you compliant with compendial regulations. CURIS can help you meet rigorous regulatory requirements while maximizing your production time, all with validatable products for your processes. Your success is our priority—a safer hydrogen peroxide system for aseptic environments.*

Contamination Control for Research 

Laboratories face a multitude of challenges in protecting the integrity of research and ensuring contamination control. The variety of laboratory spaces, types of equipment, and even types of animals that research labs utilize necessitate decontamination systems that can be used to treat a wide range of environments. Whether you need decontamination of your bench top or your entire workspace, CURIS can help. CURIS supports your biodecontamination efforts with mobile, modular, and scalable airborne HHP™ solutions proven effective for helping to maintain sterile environments.

 Ideal Decontamination System for...

   BSL 1, 2, 3, & 4    Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs)
   Cleanrooms    Isolators
   Research Labs    Gnotobiotic Chambers
   Material Passthrough Rooms    Filter Housings
   Vivariums    Pall Filters
   Necropsy Suites    More






  *when compared to higher concentration chemicals

As seen in Applied Biosafety, published by ABSA International...


Efficacy you can count on: Successful Decontamination of a Necropsy Suite

Decontamination of a Necropsy Suite with Tall Ceilings

                  • 1.0 x 10^6 Geobacillus stearothermophilus Tyvek/Tyvek
                  • 100% pass on all 203 Biological Indicators
                  • 44,000 ft^3    |    21 ft high    |    including equipment 


 CURIS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Made in the USA.