Life Sciences & Laboratory Disinfection

High-level disinfection is critical for the safety of laboratory staff and research within life science and pharmaceutical environments. These sensitive areas include sterile environments where preventing cross contamination is essential.  

The need for a safer, yet effective, method of decontaminating these spaces is essential. Now more than ever. CURIS is the answer.

CURIS’ patented pulse™ technology provides excellent efficacy, superior portability, and safer delivery to treat sensitive spaces. A vast number of studies show CURIS easily disinfects a variety of laboratory spaces and their contents. Its versatility in syncing multiple devices for extra-large spaces, along with its remote operation and ability to port into a space, allows CURIS to disinfect anything from a gnotobiotic chamber to a biological safety cabinet to a super-sized necropsy suite with consistent, high-level efficacy.

Introducing HHP™–the best of both worlds

Aerosol + Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide

A Safer Solution

CURIS Decontamination offers a revolutionary delivery system with a proprietary 7% Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™), a combination of aerosolized and vapor hydrogen peroxide (VHP) solution, without the extreme risks inherent in other competing high dose chemical systems. 99.9999% efficacy achieved in multiple applications.

No Harmful Residues

Research free of variables relies on sterilization without residues. Laboratories with germ-free environments are meticulous in their decontamination efforts to ensure those isolators or labs are free of silver ions, chlorine dioxide residues, ammonium chlorides, and other potentially problematic residues. CURIS’ portable disinfection devices offer high level disinfection that reaches every exposed surface air touches, without leaving sticky, harmful visible residues. Its 7% hydrogen peroxide ingredient simply decomposes to water and oxygen.

Effective High-level Disinfection

CURIS® recognizes the need for thorough elimination of pathogenic material to avoid cross-contamination and residues. Committed to excellence in every application, CURIS® has encouraged leaders in the sciences, including The Baker Company, MD Anderson, the NIH, and universities such as Penn State, and Kansas State University to test and challenge the CURIS® System in their environments. See our studies.

These studies prove that CURIS® is extremely effective in a myriad of environments without causing problematic residues. Researchers who have trusted CURIS® in the field consistently appreciate the ease of use and increased safety of CURIS’ hybrid hydrogen peroxide™ (HHP™) system. BSL2,3,3-Ag facility managers have reported being less fearful when using CURIS® System versus more hazardous solutions. Facility managers enjoy the ability of CURIS® System Data Management to track treatment data and produce job reports which enables easier study tracking.