Biodecontamination Services

Since the onset of COVID-19, many companies have seen an opportunity to make money offering biodecontamination services. Unfortunately, without the proper training they are often sold snake oil and promised inferior products that won’t kill challenging pathogens. Even worse, they may unknowingly be using products that cause corrosion or health risks to the public. Years before COVID-19 began, CURIS was already the leader in biodecontamination to supply devices and training in order to create successful experts in the field of  biodecontamination.

Powerful, Portable Disinfection Device

Because outbreaks are rarely confined to one space, biodecontamination service companies need tools that are versatile enough to effectively treat a variety of pathogens, such as COVID-19, mold, MRSA, C. diff, TB, VRE, CRE, and more. 

The founders of CURIS® saw the need for a device that could be powerful yet extremely portable. Throughout its development, CURIS® has been used by leading biodecontamination service professionals. 


Service companies have used CURIS® portable disinfection devices in hospitals, schools, laboratories, military, EMS, and vehicles with overwhelming success. CURIS® always encourages providers to validate treatments with chemical and biological indicators to prove successful results. 

Easy Remote Operation and Full-Spectrum Reporting Capabilities

CURIS® System Data Management (CSDM) is ideal for biodecontamination service providers because it “remembers” treatment spaces and records treatment efforts, providing job reports that can then be shared with customers. With the CURIS suite of products and reporting technology, a service provider has all the tools they need to accomplish a complete disinfection of any space and provide their customers with professional reports of services provided.

Online, On-Demand Training

CURIS® online training for certified applicators and certified service providers enables biodecontamination service providers to be experts in their field. With the certified applicator training, you ensure all staff are fully trained on consistent protocol and implementation. Our certified service provider training provides in-depth knowledge and sales tools for biodecontamination specialists.