2020 Fourth of July

COVID-Savvy Fourth of July Celebrations

Summer is here which means the 4th of July is just around the corner. As states are currently in very different stages of COVID outbreak, it remains important to listen to local and state guidelines to help prevent transmission for yourself and your community. Be sure to familiarize yourself with what is going on in your area to best judge how to have a safe celebration. Here are some suggestions for how to enjoy the holiday no matter where you are:

Celebrate Virtually

At a time when we normally gather with friends/family, some individuals should avoid the heightened risk this brings. While it can be hard to forgo a traditional get together, modern technology means there is no reason to skip the festivities all together.

1. Schedule a video call.

Meet online with your friends and family for a “separate-but-together” celebration.

2. Brush up on history by taking a virtual tour of historical sites.

Click here to view a list of tours.

3. Don’t miss out–watch livestream fireworks.

Several locations will be broadcasting their festivities this year, so there is no reason to skip out on the fun.

Enjoy 4th of July Fireworks From a Social Distance Thanks to These Streams

www.JamesPhotography.com.au Summer plans look different this year, due to the global health crisis. While many people would ordinarily be heading out on July 4th to see local fireworks displays, some towns have decided not to hold these festivities at all to avoid crowds and the potential spread of COVID-19.

How to Watch July 4th Fireworks Online for Free

We didn’t start the fire.

Celebrate with Distance

For a chance to still see your loved ones while keeping a safe distance, try one of these options:

1. Enjoy the outdoors.

Going for a hike, a trip to the beach or getting out on the water are all great ways to celebrate while still making it easy to keep a safe distance from others. It remains important to avoid crowds, but with nicer weather here, there is no need to stay cooped up indoors.

2. Participate in a car parade.

Car parades have been given a chance to shine this year, and they can be a safer alternative to a traditional parade. Be sure to check if this is allowed in your town. Remember it is the distance from people outside your household that makes this gathering safer, so it is still important to not share contact and to keep a distance of 6ft or greater with those outside your car.

Celebrate Together, Safely

If you assess the transmission risk to be low in your area, it is still wise to take reasonable precautions for gatherings for the sake of everyone’s safety.

1. Keep it small and limit who you expose.

If you decide to have a get together such as a BBQ, take time to put measures in place to decrease the associated risks of a gathering. Keep the invitation numbers low. Realize this advice is designed to prevent large outbreaks, but will not prevent outbreaks entirely. Asses the risk potential of those you may invite; if you invite another family who have all been in quarantine, your risk will be lower than a family who has one or more members who work outside their home.

It’s important to recognize that if you have 10 people coming together who live in [separate] households, the risk is much higher than 10 people who come from two households of five–  www.cbc.ca

2. Protect everyone by being food-smart.

Plan to have single-serving food or one designated person preparing plates to avoid multiple people breathing over dishes and touching utensils. Consider a picnic where everyone brings their own food and drinks and can visit while remaining at a safe distance outdoors. At minimum bringing individual drink coolers to prevent communal touchpoints.

Even though we’re all currently focused on COVID, don’t forget normal holiday safe practices. Separating utensils for raw versus cooked chicken and not leaving food in the sun can help avoid other pathogens which could put a damper on your celebrations.

3. Stay outside.

Keep the gathering outdoors as much as possible. Should guests need to come inside to use the bathroom, wearing a mask, frequently wiping surfaces such as doorknobs, and good hand hygiene can all be useful tools to prevent transmission.

The COVID pandemic has forced changes to so much of what we previously considered routine. This Fourth of July, and 2020 in general, may not be the year for traditional celebration, but it is a year to try some new things. Who knows, you just might find a way to celebrate that you’ll incorporate for years to come.

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