Approved for EPA Lists N and K

EPA Reg. No. 93324-1

Kills 99.9999% of C. diff in a Tri-Part Soil Load



Creating healthy facilities is easier, faster, and safer than ever: CURIS decontamination system uses low-level 7% hydrogen to effectively eliminate harmful pathogens. The CURIS APP allows for remote operation and in-depth data management. And users can sync up to 15 devices wirelessly to treat large-scale environments with CURIS’ patented technology.

CURIS fogger full picture
• Lightweight

36 lbs

• Portable

Easily WHEEL or CARRY IN to treat a space

• Scalable

Treat a room and its contents

• Robust

Heavy duty design to take the hardest hits

• Unique

Patented Pulse™ technology to maintain optimal conditions

• Safe

7% Hydrogen peroxide to pack a punch

• Advanced

Kills 99.9999% of C. diff in a tri-part soil load

• Easy to Use

Automated systems self-calculate treatment areas and sensors help regulate operation

CURIS3 extended nozzle with sprayer



Occasionally there are spaces too small to fit a CURIS device–not many, but some. For these spaces CURIS has developed an accessory extension arm. This means that, in addition to dispensing product from the main nozzle point, it is now possible to switch from treating a large room like a laboratory or surgical suite to treating a small space like a fleet vehicle or a biological safety cabinet without the need to purchase two devices. This versatile design makes it possible. This clever system is modular and scalable and is another first from CURIS System, saving you time and money.

CURIS3 Attachments

Included with CURIS3

Attach this accessory to treat small spaces like a biological safety cabinet or a car.


The lightweight CURIS Hand-Held Sprayer fits comfortably in your hand for easy use, with a convenient trigger on & off for optimal spray control. Consistent coverage for large, open spaces.



Treat large spaces from outside a room and reach up to 21 feet. Move from space to space without opening a door when you incorporate extra extension arms.

Never lose the ability to treat a space from the original main nozzle as you switch back and forth for optimum usability (extends to 10 feet).

Sorry, we are as excited as you, but this is NOT yet available.

CURIS7 decontaminates larger spaces



A groundbreaking and completely new modular method of delivering whole-space decontamination. Exclusive to CURIS® System, this patent-pending technology combines the safety of a low-level aerosol with the penetration of a vapor to treat closed systems like isolators, small spaces, and gnotobiotic chambers. Invisible to the eye, this innovative delivery system permeates the chamber and any onboard filters with an efficacous treatment that will not wet surfaces.

Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP)

Exclusive to CURIS® System


Empower Your Staff & Protect Your Facility

  • Remote or manual operation

  • Patented multi-sync function

  • Auto calculation

  • Under Fog Protection™

  • Treat up to 10,000 cuft

  • EPA registered and validated

the CURIS Advantage

Increase Productivity and Save Money

More powerful than other fogging systems while consuming less solution to treat each space.

Treat Pathogens Anywhere They Travel

“The Suitcase”

At 36 lbs, CURIS weighs less than your average carryon case. Effortlessly move from room to room to treat large rooms like vivariums or small spaces like vehicles, isolators, and gnotobiotic chambers.

Sync Multiple Devices

Large spaces require multiple devices and synchronized communication. Easily use of up to 20 or more CURIS devices, which operate collectively as a group and are aided by onboard sensors to adjust to varying conditions, treating each space uniformly. *Exclusive patent to CURIS System.

CURIS foggers work in sen
CURIS System data management via ipad / app

Operate & Monitor Remotely Via APP

Control is at your fingertips…

Know what your device has done, what it’s doing, and what it has left to do. From start to finish, wireless operation via tablet or smart phone means no messy extension cords or extra cross-contamination from contact with the floor, as well as complete control of your treatment cycle from outside the treatment area.

Customize CURIS for Your Needs

Not all spaces are created equally and some facilities are designed for a function separate to infection control.

Our team at CURIS® has worked with many trusted organizations to help overcove barriers to healthy spaces and delivered truly unique approaches to help achieve their decontamination goals.

Whether your challenging space is small equipment or large rooms, we have a customizable plan for you. From permanently mounted, in-wall systems to post-construction integration challenges, we have yet to meet a space we could not treat. Bring us your most challenging spaces and we will find your solution.

CURIS offers customization for treating a variety of spaces