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Whooping cough strikes another school

“Once a diagnosis is made or there’s a suspected case, then they are given antibiotics and they need to stay away from any public spaces, including schools, for the five days of the antibiotic treatment,” Kaffenberger said. “It also will be determined if household contacts need to be treated. If somebody is not treated, they…

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Norovirus sickens 200 in Ohio, more in MI and PA

Approximately 200 students at Miami University of Ohio have been infected by the norovirus, according to university spokeswoman Carole Johnson. This marks at least the third large outbreak of the virus in recent weeks on a U.S. campus. It also affected approximately 150 students at the University of Michigan, with some 20 to 25 students requiring hospital attention, and…

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Epidemiologists brace for the pandemic – NPR

On what scares virologists most Novel forms of influenza are what really keeps most virologists up at night, because we are so good at spreading those around quickly, and it happens every year. We have a flu pandemic every year, and now we’re hatching all kinds of new kinds of flu viruses, mostly in Asia,…

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C.diff poses threat to students

The disease is transmitted through contact with an infected person’s feces. This contact typically occurs on surfaces that may become contaminated, such as bathtubs and toilets, according to the website.   Classrooms, busses, restrooms are all at risk for contamination, creating a risk for students. Read the entire article here

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Preparing for the next pandemic – NOVA

While Ebola has subsided, it still lingers as a threat—and it’s not the only one. Public health officials agree that the next outbreak of infectious disease is imminent, the question is just which one. Possibilities range from the MERS coronavirus in the Middle East and avian influenza in East Asia to mounting drug resistance that could unleash waves of deadly superbugs around the globe. More from NOVA Frequent global travel has increased the real…

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